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Parenting during divorce

While the legal process of filing for divorce can be complex enough, dealing with the practical and emotional components of ending a marriage can take a toll on the entire family.

Many Illinois families are extremely reluctant to pursue divorce proceedings out of concerns over how the experience may impact the health and well-being of children, as well as affect long-term finances. Information compiled by the Northern Illinois University sheds light on a number of concerns and helpful tips that Illinois residents often share, in an effort to educate families about difficulties and opportunities they can have in the face of divorce.

Naturally, divorce is often an experience that destabilizes the family environment. Divorcing parents can find themselves almost immediately confronted by the prospect of losing their intimate partner at the same time as they are required to manage changes to the way they care for their children.

As a result, research does show that parenting skills can be compromised in the wake of divorce. Fortunately, however, the possible lapse in parenting capabilities is known to be temporary and normality within the family environment is typically reestablished in a fairly short amount of time.

Another major issue that parents consider is the impact divorce can have on personal finances. Losing the income of a spouse can be detrimental to a family’s financial security and lifestyle, and can result in single parents working more to pick up the slack.

Understanding early on that taking on more work responsibilities can compromise one’s relationship with his or her child during an already difficult transition period is incredibly important, since recognizing potential issues gives parents the opportunity to prevent them.

Finding ways to promote family interaction during and after divorce can be very helpful for parents and children alike. Developing new child custody routines and opportunities to spend time together helps to ensure that parents stay active and engaged in their kids’ lives, and also provides a chance to include close friends and relatives into the new family environment.

As is explained by, encouraging everyone to be open and honest about their feelings and concerns during divorce allows for potential issues to be addressed early and effectively.

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