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Jesse Jackson Jr. continues with divorce process

Jesse Jackson Jr. recently returned to Chicago to partake in a hearing associated with his divorce case that continues to drag on.

Jackson Jr. has made it clear that he is taking the necessary steps to protect his children as the divorce case moves forward. He added the following:

“I’m very protective of my children, that what I know, that which I discovered, I do not want to make available to the public.”

In addition to the divorce, Jackson Jr. has also been dealing with the aftermath of his release from federal prison for the misuse of campaign funds.

For now, the next court hearing related to the divorce is not until April 3. His attorneys have been arguing that a premarital agreement should mean that the divorce case remains in Illinois.

Child custody is at the center of this divorce battle. Jackson Jr. wants his two children to live with him, while his former wife is seeking full custody along with spousal support. In addition to these details, the fact that Jackson Jr. recently spent time in prison is complicating the situation. Furthermore, he is a public figure, meaning that the media is watching as every detail unfolds.

Regardless of the circumstances, the divorce process is never simple. This is particularly true when the couple has at least one child together. In this case, it’s not uncommon for both parties to fight for child custody. Along with this, details associated with premarital agreements and spousal support can also get in the way and make it more difficult for the couple to reach a final resolution.

Source: ABC 7 Chicago, “Jesse Jackson Jr. talks in Chicago about divorce hearing,” Feb. 27, 2017

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