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Man sues ex-wife for wiretapping his emails during divorce

An Illinois court is about to hear quite an interesting case involving claims of wiretapping by an ex-wife. The lawsuit, which finally hits court after being filed six years ago, claims that the plaintiff’s ex-wife obtained his emails and used them to get a better settlement in the couple’s divorce.

The couple had been married for 46 years before the wife filed for divorce in 2011. While the couple was separated the wife acquired, read and used emails from her husband’s email account to work towards a favorable settlement for her. Now, the ex-husband is suing, claiming that the woman violated federal privacy and wiretapping laws.

The ex-husband claims that three of his email accounts were spied on by his ex-wife and that by doing so, she violated both the Stored Communications Act and the US Electronic Communications Privacy Act. His former wife has denied all allegations against her.

The ex-husband said in the lawsuit that his ex-wife created forwarding settings in his personal and work email accounts dating back to 2007 that sent emails to her account. The emails, which include work information, personal information and attorney-client discussions, were shared by the ex-wife with her divorce attorney.

The ex-husband is asking for damages for his ex-wife violating the two laws mentioned earlier. He is also seeking unreasonable intrusion, trespass to chattels and intentional infliction of emotional distress as part of the lawsuit.

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Source: The Register, “Thought your divorce was ugly? Bloke sues wife for wiretapping – ‘cos she read his email,” Aug. 02, 2017

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