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Consider including these things in your prenuptial agreement

Many people find it difficult to create a prenuptial agreement, as it has you thinking about divorce before you ever walk down the aisle. The creation of a prenup does not mean you’ll get divorced in the future. It simply means you’re preparing yourself in the event that it happens.

Here are some of the many things you should consider including in your prenup:

Separate and marital property: If you’re bringing assets of considerable value into the marriage, you’ll want to outline these in your prenup. This way, if you divorce, these assets are not subject to property division.

Protection against debt: It’s not uncommon for one or both people to bring a lot of debt into a marriage. With a prenup, creditors have the legal right to go after marital property if they don’t receive payment. You can avoid this with the creation of a prenup.

To protect children from a previous marriage: If you have children, you can use a prenup to ensure that they receive some type of inheritance in the event of your death.

In addition to the above, a prenup is a great way to reduce conflict during the divorce process.

If you’re interested in putting a prenuptial agreement in place, discuss this with your soon-to-be spouse. Let them know why you think it’s a good idea. Be open and honest about your reasons for wanting the agreement.

An experienced Illinois family law attorney can help you develop a prenup that will protect your financial future in the event that your marriage ends. Once that’s in place, you can move forward with your wedding plans.

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