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3 reasons to talk to your attorney before a divorce

Before you plan to divorce, you will probably have an idea that you want to separate from your spouse. Maybe they’re not treating you well, or perhaps you’ve both just grown apart. Whatever the problem is, the reality is that you’re interested in separating and getting a divorce.

While divorces are relatively straightforward, there are a few good reasons to talk to your attorney before you decide to divorce. Here are three reasons to head to your local attorney’s office before talking to your spouse about divorce.

1. You want time to find the right attorney

To start with, you want time to review an attorney’s credentials and meet with them, so you know what to expect. Sometimes, certain people don’t get along well with others, and the last thing you want is to work with an attorney you don’t trust or feel understands your case. Always take the time to look into your attorney’s history, so you know what you can expect from them.

2. Your attorney knows what the laws are

Another reason to talk to an attorney is to be able to understand what is or is not normal during a divorce case in Illinois. You will learn about the laws that may affect you and things such as child custody, spousal support, child support and property division. Without an attorney, it may be more complicated to find out where you’ll stand in terms of these factors.

3. Your attorney will tell you what you need ahead of time

You may not get the reaction you expect when you talk to your spouse about getting a divorce. To avoid losing access to shared accounts or information about retirement accounts, you may want to start collecting that information ahead of time.

Once you tell your spouse that you want a divorce, everything will change. It’s somewhat unpredictable how they’ll respond, so you want to start collecting information on your assets and supporting evidence for claims you want to make before they know what you’re planning.

Divorce can be complicated, but with early planning, you can get to know more about the process and be prepared to protect your interests when you decide it’s time to file. Keeping your spouse out of the loop can be helpful at first, so you can collect all the documentation you need before there are further conflicts in your relationship.

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