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What happens to the kids in an Illinois divorce?

No one thinks they will ever end up there when a marriage begins, but divorce court is the destination for around half of the newlyweds in the United States. Second and third marriages are even more likely to collapse before one spouse dies. But the main question for caring parents about to go through a divorce is “what happens to the kids?

  • What is different about a divorce with children in Illinois?

All the usual requirements for a divorce in the Prairie State apply, such as at least one spouse’s residence in the state for 90 days or more. Plans for child support, or maintenance, are one of the early differences in the process.

  • How are child support and other issues decided in an Illinois court?

Maintenance payments may be ordered by a judge as part of a judgment on dissolution of a marriage or civil union in which the spouses are responsible for children. A parenting plan, agreed upon by both spouses, may illustrate the intended split of rights and responsibilities to the court.

  • What if parents cannot agree on a parenting plan?

Mediation is a choice that allows both parties to keep their right to legal representation while avoiding the formality and expense of a courtroom appearance. Mediation may also be used to resolve disputes in child support or custody after the divorce.

  • How can parents get help for divorce proceedings?

An attorney can help prepare the forms for divorce court, including the requirements for children’s affairs to be considered and resolved by the court. No one should be alone in this process.

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