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How can you arrange custody if you move far from your child?

When you divorce, the ideal option is for both parents to remain relatively close to each other so that it is easy for you both to see your child. Yet, sometimes that is not possible. You may need to move for work, a new relationship, to be closer to friends and family, or to get a fresh start.

If your child will live primarily with the other parent, moving far will make seeing your child challenging. Remember that children benefit when both parents take an active part in their lives, so you need to come up with ways to spend sufficient time with your child.

Flexibility and understanding help create good custody agreements

If you and the other parent can put your child’s best interests ahead of your differences, it allows you to find solutions that work for everyone. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Use the holidays: If you cannot see your child each week, you could use the vacations to catch up on time together. When your child is not at school, there is less need for them to be with the other parent, so they could come to yours for holiday weekends and school vacations. Or, you could travel to see them or go away together. When the quantity of time is not possible, go for quality.


  • Use technology: Over the last year, more people kept in touch with their families through video calls, phone calls and messaging. It takes seconds to ring and say goodnight to your child, and it lets them know you are thinking of them.


Working out child custody arrangements can be challenging. Understanding your parental rights and obligations can help you reach a workable solution sooner.

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