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Should you tell your boss you are getting a divorce?

You probably spend most of your time either at home or at work. Due to the number of hours involved, it is almost impossible that work does not affect your home life and your home life does not affect your work.

When something as significant as a divorce happens, it will affect you at work in some way. Therefore, it might be best to let your boss know.

How might divorce affect your work?

Your employer does not have the right to pry into your personal life, yet informing them you are going through a difficult emotional time may help them understand if you are not your usual self when working. You may find they are more sympathetic than you thought. Here are some ways divorce may affect your work:

  • You need time off: Divorce will involve meetings that usually occur in the daytime, which is when you probably work.


  • You arrive late or need to leave early: If you have kids, changing living arrangements may mean you need to drop the kids at school or pick them up. If you have just moved, you might not judge how long the traffic takes.


  • You do not have as much patience with clients or colleagues: Sharon from accounts is angry because you still have not handed in your meal receipts for a business lunch last month. You find it hard to care about $50 when there are thousands at stake in your divorce.


  • You lack energy: The stress of divorce can be wearing. You may lay awake at night crying over the prospect of not seeing your children every day. As a result, you may be slower or less enthusiastic than usual at work.


Having the right help during your divorce can ease the strain, speed up the process and help you get back to your best at work and home as soon as possible.

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