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The importance of co-parenting plans

Illinois parents who are ending their marriages need to consider their child above all else. Working together to create a co-parenting plan is important. There are ways to ensure that the plan is cohesive for the sake of your child.

Why do you need a good co-parenting plan?

Once child custody is determined by the court or through mediation, you will need to create a parenting plan. A parenting plan is essential due to the message it sends your child. When you and your ex work together for the sake of your child, it shows them that you both love them as much as you did when you were together and that you’ll both continue to always be there in spite of your split.

Your co-parenting plan can be adjusted whenever the circumstances make it necessary.

What are the benefits of a co-parenting plan?

Having a co-parenting plan as part of your custody arrangement is important. It provides certain benefits. One of the most notable is that it gives your child a sense of stability. Although you and your ex are no longer married, your child gets to continue having a good, loving relationship with both of you.

As parents, you and your ex both address the needs of your child both separately and together with a co-parenting plan. You can also work together in a civil way while you’re both in your child’s presence. This can always benefit the child as they don’t have to bear witness to any fighting. The child is also not used as a pawn and placed in between a conflict between you and your ex.

Your child doesn’t have to feel as though they’ve been abandoned. Too often, when exes don’t have a parenting plan in place, the child can feel that way about one parent. The child is also less likely to favor one parent over the other when you work together with a good co-parenting plan.

Children can enjoy better self-esteem with a parenting plan and by having both parents equally in their lives.

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