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Spousal cyberbullying can make an Illinois divorce even harder

When planning a divorce, you probably expect many hardships during the process. You may expect your spouse to disagree with the divorce or your child custody ideas. You also probably expect that you will need to become familiar with state divorce laws to protect your rights.

You likely would never expect your once-beloved spouse to turn into a raging cyberbully after you file for divorce. However, digital bullying during a divorce is becoming more and more common. Sometimes, only one spouse engages in these behaviors. Other times, it can become an all-out online war involving both spouses.

Don’t be tempted to engage

Regardless of the unsavory behaviors and remarks aimed at you, it is unwise to engage with your spouse. Inciting you to respond is usually the primary goal of bullying. When you deprive your spouse of the reaction they seek, it could make the unwanted behavior stop. If you reciprocate by bullying back, your war could last indefinitely.

Examples of divorce-related cyberbullying include:

  • Making defamatory social media posts
  • Sending destructive or mean-spirited texts
  • Discrediting you online to associates, friends or family
  • Harassing you in emails or on websites

Some bitter spouses may also disclose sensitive information about you online or even embarrassing or personal images.

The best way to approach spousal cyberbullying in a divorce is typically to do nothing. However, if you fear cyberbullying will escalate into violence, seek physical and legal protection immediately.

In the end, your spouse will be the one that pays for their conduct in the divorce with the judge and the court. It’s wise to learn more about Illinois divorce and family law to strengthen your case even more.

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