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Co-parenting requires significant cooperation

Parents divorcing means that they need to consider what’s happening with the children. This often means they need to focus solely on how things will affect the children. The things that led to their split can’t play a role in any decision they make. 

As co-parents, you and your ex set the tone for how the situation is handled. Remaining calm and working together can reduce the stress for the children and help them to feel more stable. 

Set the children up for success

All parents want their children to be successful. One way to do this during a divorce and child custody situation is to remove the arguments over trivial things. Having supplies, clothing and other things the children need at both homes can help to avoid fighting over things like missing toothbrushes. It also takes away the need for the kids to continually pack bags to go from house to house. 

Set the ground rules right away

You have to set all the ground rules right away so the children know exactly what to expect. Some parents think that they need to coddle the children during the divorce. This can make things more difficult, so it’s best to get everything in order right away. The kids will feel more stable and be able to improve their adjustment period. 

The parenting agreement you have with your ex is what will govern how things work while you’re raising the children. If you and your ex can put aside your differences, the children are the ones who can benefit. Some situations will require creative solutions, so work with someone who’s able to help you come up with those.

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