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Can birdnesting work for you and your ex?

Birdnesting may be a viable option if you and your ex-spouse are still friendly after your divorce. This approach allows children to stay in the same home while their parents rotate living there on a temporary basis. 

Here’s what you need to know about this arrangement before deciding if it’s suitable for your family.

What is birdnesting?

Birdnesting is a parenting arrangement in which children remain in the family home while their parents take turns living there. This arrangement allows children to continue living their usual routine, even though their parents are no longer together. 

This type of arrangement can provide a sense of stability and continuity for children, as they always have a familiar place to call home. In addition, birdnesting eliminates the need to pack up and move between homes, which can be disruptive and stressful for many children (and their parents).

For parents, birdnesting can reduce the amount of time and money spent on childcare and the logistical challenges of coordinating custody schedules. In addition, it allows parents to maintain their independence and live in their own homes. 

However, this type of arrangement isn’t without its difficulties. Birdnesting can be financially challenging, as both parents need to maintain their separate households even as they share the cost of the family home. It can also be emotionally challenging since neither parent can fully extract themselves from the close relationship.

If you and your ex-spouse can agree on how to handle the nesting process, birdnesting may be a viable solution for both of you. Keep in mind that some challenges come with this arrangement, but if both parties are willing to work through them, it can benefit everyone involved.

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