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4 questions to consider when filing for a divorce

Have you recently considered getting a divorce? It’s a large step and it’ll mean a lot will change in your life.

Like many people, you may still be a little unsure about the decision. If you’re considering divorce, then you may need to consider the questions below: 

1. Why do you want a divorce?

Many people want a divorce, but few know why they want it – it’s just a thought in the back of their heads. Many people seek divorce because of issues in their marriage, such as fighting or financial problems. Some people want a divorce because it seems like the next step in their life. Understanding why you want a divorce may help you answer the following questions.

2. How will you tell your children?

Eventually, your children will need to know that their parents are getting a divorce. You may need to prepare how you’ll talk to your children about the divorce. For example, many parents will try to comfort their children by talking together as a family to reassure the kids that both parents will stay involved. 

3. When are you planning on filing?

Filing for a divorce and the legal process of terminating a marriage are two different things. You won’t immediately be divorced. For starters, you and your spouse will likely have to establish an asset division plan. Then, if you have kids, you’ll have to create a child custody agreement. In other words, you’ll have to go through a divorce process to clean up any loose ends.

4. What legal assistance do you need?

There are many obscure and hidden laws and rules that people must follow that they would otherwise not know without legal help. You should consider taking the right steps when preparing for a divorce

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