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3 warning signs a divorce might be coming

Going through a rough patch in marriage doesn’t necessarily mean a divorce is coming. However, some problems may be irreconcilable, motivating you or your spouse to file for one. Being blindsided is the description some people have of their divorce experience. But a few signs can save you from this, allowing you to make calculated moves sooner.

The following are three signs that may indicate an oncoming divorce.

Lack of communication

If your spouse stops communicating or talking to you about a subject they have been bringing up for a long time, you may be headed for a divorce. Couples communicate to be on the same page or identify matters they disagree on to find common ground to make the marriage work. If your spouse no longer wants to work on the marriage, they won’t communicate.

Lack of physical intimacy

Intimacy is an integral part of marriage. Thus, you can be alarmed if there is a reduction or lack of affection in your relationship. But if this happens due to busy work schedules or paying attention to children, it may not be concerning. However, if it lasts months or years, this may signify lack of love interest and can contribute to a divorce.

Lack of emotional connection

People in a relationship have a bond – their feelings align beyond physical attraction. When an emotional connection is available, couples look each other in the eyes, have deep conversations and make inside jokes. If you and your spouse have stopped spending time together, are keeping secrets, and even struggle to maintain eye contact, a divorce may be coming, especially if the disconnection prolongs.

Going through a divorce can be stressful. If you are headed for one, it will help to learn more about your case to protect your interests.  


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