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The impact of divorce on grandparents

Parents who are witnessing their children and grandchildren go through a divorce also experience their own trauma. A once-clear future is now decidedly unclear. Grandparents should know how to provide the care and support necessary during a life-changing time for loved ones.

A focus on the kids

Children are both the innocent bystanders and casualties of marriages. Amidst the chaos, grandparents can play a pivotal role during the transition. An ongoing presence is paramount to keeping the environment as normal and stable as possible. Routines, whether face-to-face visits or phone/video calls, should remain the same.

Maintaining neutrality

Grandparents should essentially be “Switzerland,” remaining neutral. Maintain positivity on both sides, particularly when their grandkids are involved. Interrogating them for details only makes a bad situation worse. With the soon-to-be ex-spouse, how they act now can set the tone for the future.

Keeping traditions

At some point, interactions will occur at important events involving their grandchildren. Grandparents should go into those settings with an understanding that things will never be the same. One household has become two, so more parties may be involved in the festivities. Understand that quality time is in the future and that time should be used to establish new traditions.

Staying positive

Maintaining positivity is the best approach for grandparents dealing with their children’s divorce. Divorce is painful for everyone associated with the couple splitting up. While relationships are fractured, an opportunity exists to focus on a better future, particularly when it comes to continuing to be a role model for grandchildren.

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