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Debunking the negativity surrounding prenuptial agreements

People often associate prenuptial agreements with distrust. They feel like their spouse is already premeditating a divorce even before the wedding. However, prenups can help couples avoid divorce by fostering open communication and setting financial expectations.

Your potential spouse trusts you enough to talk to you about significant issues that could affect your marriage in the long run. Similarly, you would also want to know where your future life partner stands regarding financial matters.

Why you should consider a prenuptial agreement

In Illinois, a married couple can file for divorce based on irreconcilable differences. Money issues are one of the leading causes of conflict and hostility between a married couple, which can eventually lead to a divorce. A prenup can allow you to address your differences or conflicting opinions on finances before you exchange your vows. Discussing a prenup has the following benefits:

  • Establish your financial goals
  • Recognize each person’s general attitude toward money
  • Identify your future spouse’s spending and saving habits
  • Address accrued debt
  • Distinguish and protect separate property
  • Define financial obligations
  • Provide peace of mind

Prenups promote honest conversations regarding money. They allow you to ensure financial stability for every party concerned, regardless of whether your marriage will end in divorce.

Should you tell your partner you want a prenup?

There is a fine line between asking for a prenup and agreeing to a prenup together. You may not want to tell the person you are about to marry that you want a prenup as if they had no choice. Instead, you can choose the right moment to start a conversation on the benefits of having a prenup and how it can protect you both.

Your marriage is a partnership. It should be built on trust, compatibility, honesty and the willingness to work together.

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