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Should you seek an attorney for your Illinois divorce?

The decision to enlist an attorney for your divorce largely depends on your unique situation. Whether you choose to seek legal counsel or navigate the divorce process on your own is entirely up to you. However, this significant choice warrants careful consideration as it can greatly influence the outcome of your divorce.

An unproblematic split

If your divorce is uncomplicated, the legal process may be less demanding and time-consuming. You might be well-equipped to handle the divorce on your own if:

  • Your marriage was short-term.
  • You don’t have children.
  • You don’t own real estate.
  • You and your spouse agree on all divorce-related matters.

In such situations, you might qualify for a simplified divorce procedure in Illinois, potentially eliminating the need for an attorney. However, there can be times when handling divorce matters independently becomes quite challenging.

Challenges to processing your divorce alone

When you choose to represent yourself, you’re responsible for managing all legal aspects of your case. This means strictly following court rules and procedures, filing the correct paperwork on time and meeting all deadlines. You also need to present your case in a clear and organized manner.

Remember that while you can ask the court staff for general information about procedures, they cannot provide legal advice. Without such support, handling the divorce process independently can become more difficult, especially if your case involves complex issues. Tasks such as determining child custody, dividing substantial assets or calculating spousal support can become especially challenging without the help of an attorney.

Legal support where necessary

When deciding whether to seek legal help, your personal circumstances should be a key consideration. If your divorce is straightforward and you feel confident handling the process independently, you may choose not to seek an attorney. However, if your case involves complex issues or disputes, it could be beneficial to consult one experienced in family law to guide you through the procedures.

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