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June 2013 Archives

Child support scam victimizes entire families

Families facing such issues as divorce and child custody arrangements may find themselves in unfamiliar territory. In Illinois and states around the country, many people may not fully understand all of the services, resources and risks associated with making preparations like child support payments until they’re in the middle of it themselves. That’s why so many can find themselves vulnerable to unscrupulous business models and fraud. A recent fraud case serves as a disturbing example of how unsuspecting parents, and their kids, can be victimized by deceptive practices.

Fathers' rights can be jeopardized in some adoption cases

In Illinois and states across the country, the law may not safeguard fathers’ rights under certain circumstances. And unfortunately, many biological fathers may not know their paternity rights are compromised until they’re forced into a major legal dispute. One father learned this the hard way since he’s now embedded in a custody battle over his biological son, who was placed into adoption without his consent.

Property division can include insurance policies

Dividing assets can be a complicated process for many divorcing couples in Illinois and elsewhere. Individuals may be unfamiliar with all of the many factors that play into divorce proceedings, and it can be difficult to anticipate how various aspects of one’s life might be effected by such a process. The significance of insurance policies is too often overlooked by people when they separate, leaving them unaware of opportunities and concerns that should be considered.   

When morality clauses keep Illinois parents from their kids

Family law resources and policies are established to aide parents and children alike as they deal with such issues as divorce settlements and visitation arrangements. In fact, Illinois families can benefit from numerous measures intended to address possible child custody disputes and other difficulties that can arise. Unfortunately though, it seems that there are instances where the very guidelines intended to protect families may only serve to hurt them.

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