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NFL player may be combating lies in child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2013 | Child Custody |

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As difficult as it can be for individuals to come together to develop a child custody agreement that suits their needs while addressing the best interest of the child, countless people do it every day in Illinois and beyond. Sometimes, though, emotions and conflicting interests take over and cause major child custody issues. One professional football player is battling a public child custody dispute, since there is evidence that the mother of his child is making false accusations against him.

The player involved in the dispute plays for the Vikings, and was granted increased visitation rights to his child in June of this year. He has taken legal action against the child’s mother in the past for allegedly violating terms of their custody arrangement, and she most recently accused him of owing over $50,000 in child support payments and other expenses. And while the child’s mother has made such complaints public, there may not actually be any evidence to support her claims.

The custody agreement was developed four years ago. Court documentation suggests that the NFL player has always been consistent on his child support payments and also contributes to the child’s private education. However, the football player has filed complaints against the child’s mother in the past, arguing that she attempted to restrict his visitation rights.

In June of this year, the court granted the Vikings player’s request for more visitation time, and even awarded him joint custody. Though, the NFL player contends that the mother has kept him from seeing his child on one occasion.

Until the dispute is settled, the professional football player may continue to be publicly scrutinized and even criticized for issues relating to the mother of his child.

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