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The dangers of unlawful divorce services

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2014 | Divorce |

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Everyone has the right to sound legal counsel in the event they have difficulties in their lives. In fact, it’s always recommended that individuals facing issues like divorce and/or child custody disputes consult a reputable family law attorney for invaluable advice and feedback. Belleville, Illinois, residents must be wary of individuals and organizations promoting themselves as offering legal services because they may not actually be qualified to do so. One man was recently found guilty of unlawfully providing divorce services to a client, illustrating just how prevalent such illegal practices are across the country.

The case was tried in the Ohio Supreme Court recently, and was the third of its kind to be heard that day. The case was presented by the Metropolitan Bar Association of Cleveland, who accused the defendant of practicing law without a state license. During the course of the trial, the defendant allegedly confessed that he did provide legal services to a client even though he and his companies are not properly licensed. The state Supreme Court ultimately found the defendant guilty and ordered him to pay a fine of $1000, in addition to ordering him to refund legal fees collected from one client.

The client who was defrauded by the defendant sought his counsel to file for divorce in 2007. Necessary information regarding child custody and support arrangements was reportedly not provided in the documents prepared by the defendant, despite the fact that the client paid over $500 for his legal services. The court system apparently rejected the client’s divorce petition on the grounds that it was not prepared properly, and it wasn’t until the forms were redone by court personnel that the woman’s divorce was granted. 

Source:, “Supreme Court shuts down quick divorce company, cites owner for unlawful legal practice,” Robert Higgs, Feb. 18, 2014



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