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Celebrity mother owes back child support

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | Child Support |

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Accounting for the needs of children involved in Illinois divorce proceedings often means identifying key aspects of their care and lifestyle to ensure that their way of life remains as consistent as possible. Not only do child support payments help to ensure that both parents are engaged and financially responsible for their child after divorce but a support agreement also establishes a standard of living for the child that is appropriate for his or her specific circumstances.

Over half of the divorce attorneys that participated in a recent study claimed that the number of women paying child support has increases over past few years. The trend, if it can be called one, is attributed to the fact that more fathers are seeking shared custody of their children and a large number of American households are now financially supported by mothers.

Hollywood actress Halle Berry had a child with her boyfriend of five years in 2008. The couple broke up two years after their daughter was born and the split resulted in a major custody dispute. Berry and her ex-boyfriend now have shared custody of their daughter, since she was legally prohibited from moving the young child out of the country in 2012. Now, a child support agreement has been finalized and accounts for payment that the actress failed to make up until now. In addition to paying the ex-boyfriend’s attorney fees, Berry owes $115,000 in back payments. Beyond that, she will pay for her daughter’s tuition fees as well as close to $200,000 in annual support payments.

The formula for determining child support can be complex in some cases. Meeting with an experienced divorce attorney can help to accurately identify the needs of the child and develop an agreement that is appropriate and fair to both parties.

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