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Can I take my child on vacation after divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2015 | Child Custody |

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Developing a practical and fair child custody agreement between you and your child’s other parent involves a great deal of thought and consideration. In addition to accounting for your child’s everyday needs, it is also often necessary to plan ahead for things like school holiday time and family vacations. Luckily, you and your ex-husband or wife can work together to establish a child custody agreement that allows for family adventures and quality time together.

As the Our Family Wizard website explains, the key to preventing and resolving many family law and child custody issues is effective communication between both parents. Therefore, you and your child’s other parent are encouraged to discuss your individual interests and expectations regarding vacation time openly and plan ahead. One way of developing a parenting plan that allows for both you and your ex-husband or wife to have vacation time with your child is to divide school break periods evenly throughout the year. For instance, you could agree to have your child for two full weeks during the summer, allowing your child’s other parent to have him or her for the same amount of time during the winter holidays.

Another way that you and your ex-husband or wife could come to an agreement is to decide upon a fixed amount of vacation time and distribute it throughout the calendar year. Both scenarios involve open communication between you and your child’s other parent, as well as some early planning on both your parts. No matter how you and your ex-husband or wife decided to schedule vacation time with your child, your parenting schedule can reflect your family’s unique interests and needs.



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