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How much are American parents owed in unpaid child support?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2015 | Child Support |

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For parents, divorce sometimes leads to a number of legal issues, from child custody to alimony. However, child support can be especially stressful and may have a significant impact on both parents in numerous ways. For example, a custodial parent who can’t pay for their child’s medical expenses or everyday expenses may experience serious financial challenges when they don’t receive the child support they are owed. On the other hand, child support enforcement can lead to jail time and other penalties for parents who are unable or not willing to take care of their child support responsibilities. In Belleville, and across Illinois, it is pivotal for parents who are struggling with child support to address their circumstances appropriately.

Determining the exact amount of unpaid child support that parents are owed in the United States may seem complicated. However, the Administration for Children & Families published some useful information on their website that sheds light on unpaid child support  in the U.S. According to the ACF, the Child Support Enforcement Program had 15.9 million cases in fiscal year 2010, which was up by .04 percent when compared to the year before. In fiscal year 2010, more than $32 billion in child support was owed and over $20 billion was collected, which shows that only 62 percent of the child support due was distributed to parents.

If you are dealing with child support matters, it is imperative to focus on finding a positive solution as soon as possible. Also, please remember that this piece is not a substitute for legal counsel.



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