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Estranged wife asks for child support

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2016 | Child Support |

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With regard to child support, parents may encounter all sorts of hurdles. For some, missing child support payments can lead to serious consequences such as fines and even jail time. For others, not receiving the child support they depend on can cause financial difficulties and make it very hard for them to raise their children. In Belleville, and other cities throughout Illinois, parents who have any issues related to child support should remain committed to working towards a successful resolution.

An Iowa man claims that he is required to pay child support to his estranged wife for a child that is not his. The man, who says that he has been out of touch with his estranged wife for over 16 years, claims that a state law requires him to pay support because he and his wife never filed for divorce.

Although the couple reportedly broke up years ago and the child was only recently born, they remained legally married. As a result, the man is legally considered to be the child’s father and required to pay child support, according to an Iowa Department of Human Resources spokesperson. In order to get out of paying child support, the man will need to go to court and ask for paternity to be disestablished.

For parents who have to head to court over their child support case, protecting their interests is vital. Child support cases can have a significant impact on the futures of those involved, including children, and it is essential for parents to pursue a positive outcome. People who are going through this firsthand may want to consider speaking with an attorney for a better understanding of their options.

Source: WGN-TV, “Man protests law requiring him to pay child support for another man’s child,” March 24, 2016



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