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Dealing with child removal in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2016 | Divorce |

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If you are a non-custodial parent who already struggles with not spending enough time with your child, you may be terrified by the thought of the child’s other parent relocating far away. If you live in Belleville, Illinois, and your child moves to Florida, it may be difficult or even impossible for you to visit them on a regular basis. At Johnson and Johnson, our firm is very familiar with the emotional pain that parents who find themselves in this position frequently face.

In Illinois, parents are not able to move to another state with their child unless the move is approved by the court. There are a wide variety of reasons why parents move with their children, such as a new work opportunity. Unfortunately, it may be much harder for you to see your child after they move. Additionally, you may be worried about the reasons behind the relocation and the potential impact that moving may have on your child.

There are a number of key areas that the court will focus on when making a decision on a relocation request. For example, courts will examine the motives of the custodial parent, the reasons why you are opposed to the move, how the move will affect the child and how feasible it would be for a visitation schedule to be implemented afterward.

If you are worried about losing access to your child, it is important to closely review the details surrounding your situation. On our child removal page, you can take a closer look at legal issues related to parental relocation.



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