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How is parenting time allocated if I’m deployed?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2016 | Child Custody |

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As a parent, you may have a number of concerns regarding your child, from their school performance to medical issues and much more. However, if you are a member of the Armed Forces, you may have additional concerns that other parents do not have, such as how parenting time will be allocated when you are deployed. If you live in Belleville, or any city across the state of Illinois, it is crucial to find answers to any visitation or child custody-related questions you have and focus on securing an outcome that is healthy for your child.

According to the Illinois General Assembly, you may be able to appoint an individual who your child knows to exercise your visitation time while you are deployed. That said, the court must come to the conclusion that such parenting time would serve your child’s best interests. With regard to determining whether or not such time would be in a child’s best interests, courts consider many details, such as a child’s wishes and needs, the physical and mental health of everyone connected to the case and many other matters.

If you are facing deployment, you may have a wide variety of concerns and it is important to do what you can to prevent visitation issues from making your life (as well as your child’s life) even more complicated or stressful.

Please remember, this piece was written to provide useful information on deployment and parenting time and you should not interpret this material as legal advice.



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