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Addressing suspected paternity fraud

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2016 | Paternity |

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If you believe that you are not a child’s father and have been subjected to paternity fraud, handling your set of circumstances promptly is very important. At Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys at Law, we know the importance of establishing paternity and protecting the rights of fathers in Belleville, and across Illinois.

There are a number of reasons why paternity fraud exists, but many people have been wrongfully named the father over child support. For some men, paying child support can be very difficult and particularly upsetting when these financial obligations were the result of a lie. If you think that you may be struggling with this firsthand, you should take action as soon as you can. If you suspect paternity fraud but are unsure, obtaining the results of a DNA test may provide peace of mind or provide you with a definitive answer.

Unfortunately, far too many men have become victims of paternity fraud. Moreover, some fail to address the situation for all sorts of reasons, such as not being aware of their rights or being hesitant to head to court. If you are struggling with suspected paternity fraud, or any other legal issues related to paternity, it is vital to handle the entire process appropriately (all forms should be filled out properly and you should present your case correctly in court).

Although paternity matters can be stressful, you should stay focused on working toward a successful outcome. On the section of our site devoted to establishing paternity, you can review more material concerning DNA testing and paternity issues.



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