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State asks those who owe unpaid child support to call in

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2016 | Child Support |

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For those who are unable to pay child support, daily life can be challenging. In Belleville, and other cities throughout Illinois, people going through this may face time behind bars and significant fines if they are taken into custody. As a result, anyone who can’t pay child support should look at all of their options. Sometimes, modifying a child support order may be possible and could help someone avoid these problems.

When it comes to collecting unpaid child support, those who have not fulfilled their obligations may be arrested or required to appear in court. However, one state has tried a different technique. In Arizona, those who have unpaid child support have been asked to participate in a phoneathon by calling in and figuring out a way to address their set of circumstances.

By calling in to report unpaid child support and work towards a solution, people who have failed to meet their child support obligations are able to avoid court actions. Officials claim that $32 million worth of back child support was collected in May, some of which came from a phoneathon held during the month.

When people are unable to pay child support, children may experience financial hardships. By taking control of the situation, people who owe child support could protect themselves from legal consequences while helping their children. From an inability to pay back child support to custodial parents not receiving what they deserve, those who are dealing with any legal issues related to child support may want to think about reaching out to an attorney.

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