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2020 will bring a new family law in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Family Law |

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Children need all the protections that the state of Illinois can provide. This is especially true if divorced parents or absent parents complicate matters by being less available than other family structures. When it comes to divorce or orphaned children, an entire state department in Springfield is dedicated to helping them.

Laws regarding child custody and protection can change due to lawmakers’ belief that they need to be updated. As we move into 2020, an important law governing child care and responsibility is coming into force.

The Illinois Department of Child and Foster Services (DCFS) is required to take some extra steps when they are returning a child to the custody of a parent after foster care. The department must offer aftercare services to the child and his or her family for a minimum of six months after their mandate for the child’s care has ended.

There is also a new checklist for vital aspects of care that must be completed by a person authorized by DCFS within 24 hours before the parents regains custody. This new process is designed to check for the safety of a child’s new environment before someone else becomes responsible for him or her.

Parents or other interested parties concerned about the safety and well-being of a child may consult an attorney on how to use the legal system for his or her protection. An attorney versed on the existing laws as well as recent changes may be the best allies in these situations. No one should look out for the rights and safety of a child without the proper help.



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