Special Needs Trusts

Estate Planning

Helping Families And Individuals Establish Special Needs Trusts

Having a child with special needs can lead to difficult choices. Some families decide to disinherit their disabled child, so that family wealth is not counted against the child’s eligibility for government programs.

One way around this predicament is the supplemental or special needs trust. This special kind of trust allows you to channel funds to your loved one without interfering with their eligibility to receive benefits.

Special needs trusts fund aspects of the disabled person’s daily life that the government does not fund. They can include the things of life that give it so much meaning: entertainment, travel and other luxuries.

Special Needs Trust Administration

Special or supplemental needs trusts can be set up for any family member with a mental or physical disability. The trust can be funded through a will, through survivorship life insurance or through gifts. Our firm is available to act as the trustee for the trust. Disbursements must be made promptly and correctly. We ensure that the disabled child is never at risk of losing his or her benefits.

Illinois Estate Planning Lawyers

Special needs trusts are not especially easy to create. You will want an experienced special needs trust attorney, one familiar with the complexities of these trusts. At Johnson, Johnson, & Nolan, Attorneys at Law, we create effective special needs trusts that are legally sound and bring peace of mind to the entire family.

A special needs trust gives your disabled child some of the sweet things of life, without threatening benefits eligibility. For information, call the Belleville special needs trusts lawyers at Johnson, Johnson, & Nolan, Attorneys at Law at 618-277-3600, or write us using this online form.