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Can I challenge an Acknowledgement of Paternity?

When it comes to paternity, there are a number of ways that you may legally become the father of a child. For example, paternity could be established by the fact that you were married to the mother of a child at the time of his or her birth or by signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity form. However, you may wish to challenge this form at some point and if you live in Belleville, or another part of Illinois, it is vital to understand where the laws in this state stand.

Addressing suspected paternity fraud

If you believe that you are not a child's father and have been subjected to paternity fraud, handling your set of circumstances promptly is very important. At Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys at Law, we know the importance of establishing paternity and protecting the rights of fathers in Belleville, and across Illinois.

What do I need to provide on a VAP form?

From genetic testing to the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (VAP) form, there are a number of issues that people who wish to establish paternity in Illinois must understand. If you live in Belleville, or any other city in the state, and have decided to establish legal fatherhood by submitting a VAP form, it is crucial to know what you will need to provide when completing the form.

Reviewing the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form

When it comes to establishing paternity, parents may have a variety of options. According to Illinois Child Support Services, the easiest method for parents in Belleville and throughout the state to establish paternity is by completing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (VAP) form at the time of their child's birth. On these forms, parents will find helpful instructions and their responsibilities and rights are listed as well.

How do I establish paternity for my child?

If you are not married to the other parent of your child, the State of Illinois states that the simplest way for you to establish paternity is by filling out a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form. As a resident living in Belleville or anywhere else in the state, paternity must be established before your child's birth certificate will reflect the name of the father.

Looking at the presumption of paternity in Illinois

When it comes to paternity, there are a number of issues that affect fathers as well as their children. The establishment of paternity may affect an individual's visitation rights or the financial well-being of a child. In Belleville, Illinois, and across the nation, there are a number of different ways that paternity is established, such as DNA testing or the signing of an acknowledgement of paternity form. Sometimes, paternity is automatically presumed and it is important for some fathers, mothers and children to understand how the presumption of paternity may have an impact on them.

Reviewing methods used to establish parentage

For parents, there are a number of reasons why it is important to establish paternity. For example, a child's mother may want to prove that someone is the father of their child in order to receive child support. Additionally, a father who is requesting visitation rights or involved in a custody issue may also wish to establish paternity in order to spend time with their child. In Belleville, Illinois, and throughout the United States, it is vital for parents who want to establish legal paternity to carefully assess their situation.

Helping parents who wish to establish paternity

For parents, there are a wide variety of challenges that can arise following a divorce or separation. From a stressful custody issue to property division, child support and emotional problems, people who have separated from their partner may be going through a lot. However, for some parents in Belleville, Illinois, establishing paternity may help make their situation considerably easier. At Johnson & Johnson, we know all too well how difficult it is to be in this position and we are committed to assisting any parent who is facing these challenges.

The rights and obligations of legal paternity

At Johnson and Johnson, we have helped many Illinois fathers pursue their parental rights. We understand how difficult it can be to be isolated from your child. As such, we work hard to ensure that you receive the visitations and custody time to which you are entitled. However, we also appreciate that paternity is a complicated legal issue. Prior to pursuing paternity, we make sure that our clients fully understand the consequences of taking such action.

When you are ready to discuss your legal issue with an experienced Illinois lawyer, we will be here for you.

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