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Helping people prepare for a high asset divorce

When someone is getting ready to file for divorce, they may experience a considerable amount of anxiety and have a plethora of concerns. However, for those who are preparing for a high asset divorce, separation can be even more distressing. At Johnson & Johnson, we understand that high asset divorces can be more demanding and strive to make separation less difficult for our clients. In Belleville, and across the state of Illinois, those who approach divorce appropriately may be able to secure a more favorable outcome.

Which assets are considered non-marital property?

For couples across the country, divorce is a stressful process. Not only do some people have to deal with strong emotions and confusion over divorce laws, but there are all sorts of divorce legal issues that a couple may face, such as child support, spousal support and property division. If you are preparing to separate from your spouse, it is important to understand which assets are considered separate (non-marital) property and prepare for the possible financial impact of divorce. In Belleville, Illinois, and throughout the U.S., people who fully understand how divorce could affect them may have an easier time moving forward.

Evaluating the prevalence of divorce

When someone decides to file for divorce, they may have to deal with a host of legal matters, from the division of marital property to spousal support and child custody. In Belleville, Illinois, and the rest of America, many people tie the knot and expect to remain married for the rest of their life. However, divorce has become rather prevalent in the United States and it is imperative for anyone who is thinking about separating from their spouse to understand some of the issues they may face and prepare for divorce properly.

Blake Shelton and wife announce separation

When married couples determine that divorce is necessary, they may face a number of stress-inducing issues as they move forward with their separation. In Belleville, Illinois, and all over the United States, divorce may lead to disagreements over property division, child support, parenting time and a host of other divorce legal issues. As a result, couples who are filing for divorce need to take everything into account and approach divorce correctly. When couples rush to divorce unprepared, the experience may be unnecessarily frustrating, costly and time-consuming.

How to talk to children about divorce

Parents in Illinois who have made the decision to divorce have a number of decisions to make regarding property division, custody and support payments. However, one of the most difficult aspects of the process may be breaking the news to children. Handling the situation correctly can help children cope with the news and adjust to the new family dynamic.

How are contested and uncontested divorces different?

When you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, there will be a number of decisions to make regarding property division and any children you might have. In Illinois, you have the option to do a contested or an uncontested divorce. There are significant differences between the two.

Illinois business owners going through divorce: Heed these tips

Couples in Illinois on the brink of divorce are typically putting together financial statements in advance of the upcoming property division. Among the items included in these statements may be bank accounts, the house and vehicles. A spouse who owns a business should be aware that the company could also be affected by the separation.

The advantages of a prenuptial agreement

One of the most stressful aspects of any divorce is often property division. At Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys at Law, we know that resolving these issues as quickly and fairly as possible is your top priority. There are certain measures that can help to simplify the process, such as having a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

What is considered marital property in Illinois?

If you are about to undergo a divorce, one of the most pressing issues on your mind may be property division. Illinois is an equitable distribution state, which means items are divided equitably and not equally. Understanding how your assets will be divided will prepare you for what is to come and how to get your financial affairs in order.

Studies: Social media taking a negative toll on relationships

Social media has been criticized for its ability to seemingly disconnect people from reality while at the same time connecting them with people across the world. In Illinois and across the country, many people use social networks without thinking about the effect it could have on a marital relationship. However, a recent survey suggests that online chatting is not as innocent as it may seem and can actually destroy marriages.

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