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Making divorce work for your family

When a marriage ends, there is often a profound sense of loss felt by both partners. Emotions can be high and conflicted as couples face the prospect of legal and personal independence. And for Illinois families with children the transition may be especially difficult. Fortunately though, divorce can actually have a very positive impact on children and parents alike if steps are taken to reinforce family values and relationships. Here are a few concepts newly divorced parents should keep in mind to help them and their kids learn and grow from divorce.

Marriage equality could change divorce law for everyone

When a married couple comes to the conclusion that it is time to end their relationship, there are a number of legal arrangements that can be made to ensure that financial obligations are met and family members are accounted for. It is for that reason that Illinois divorce litigation typically addresses issues like alimony and child custody agreements. However, countless nontraditional relationships throughout the country are not currently recognized under the law and therefore cannot be legally undone either.

Social media and divorce: the good, the bad, and the ugly

For countless people living in Illinois and all throughout the country, using social media is second nature. At this point, most people rely on tools like email, text messaging and personal online forums for communication and entertainment. And while social media websites and personal messaging services fit seamlessly into most peoples’ lifestyles these days, they can pose unique challenges to individuals facing child custody and/or divorce issues. It is very important that anyone preparing for divorce proceedings understand how and why their own words posted online can be used against them in court.

Making long-overdue updates to Illinois divorce laws

In the state of Illinois, as in states all across the union, a lot of time and energy goes into researching and composing legislation before it is ever presented to be voted into law. Not only must that new bill address a relevant issue but it must also be constructed in a way that gives it lasting power to be used to settle legal disputes for years to come. However, there comes a time when the significance and effectiveness of any given law must be gauged against the needs of the public and the demands of the times. It may be for that reason that divorce legislation is facing a major renovation in Illinois.

Another approach to divorce

Illinois courts, like those all across the country, often function at full capacity. With the sheer number of legal disputes heard in state courtrooms on any given day, it can be easy to see how they can get backed up now and then. Though, that's little consolation for the thousands of people that find themselves navigating through the legal system each year. Divorce litigation may at least begin to move along a bit more smoothly if new legislation is passed into law. And while that alone is a promising prospect for many, there's also hope that the proposed bills will ease the burden on separating couples and their families.

Could one prenup ruling be a divorce game changer?

Every court case is unique in the fact that it involves individual parties working toward specific goals. However, the legislation and legal policies applied to particular cases are not original. Courts throughout the state of Illinois often rely on standards set in previous cases to help interpret the law as it stands and determine the most appropriate ruling according to that interpretation. However, every now and then a case comes along that challenges legal conventions, potentially setting new precedents in the process.

Illinois divorce: A basic primer

Divorce can be a complicated process, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the process. Spouses can simplify the separation greatly by familiarizing themselves with the basic principles before beginning the process. This week, then, we'll cover some of the basics of an Illinois divorce case.

How do in-laws affect the health of a marriage?

It's common knowledge that the relationship between spouses and their in-laws can be a contentious one. What many people don't know, however, is how that relationship can affect the health of a marriage. A recent study shed some light on the subject, revealing some surprising results.

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