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Helping Businesses With Partnership Disputes

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A professional partnership is like a marriage, entered into with high hopes. And like a marriage, partnerships often end. One way they can end is through the death of one partner. The other way is through a legal dissolution – a divorce. Either way, the end of the partnership leaves numerous legal and tax issues that need to be resolved. Johnson, Johnson, & Nolan, Attorneys at Law, can help make this transition as peaceful and as clear-cut as possible.

Resolving Even The Most Heated Partnership Disputes

When a partnership dissolves, there is a high probability of conflict. There may be disagreements about outstanding debt. They may even be in litigation against one another. Johnson, Johnson, & Nolan, Attorneys at Law gets involved wherever it can be most helpful.

Buy-Outs · Termination · Liquidation · Business Litigation

Our general approach is to turn down the heat and focus on preserving assets. We offer dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration, as well as going into conventional litigation.

Our focus, where possible, is to preserve the underlying business of the partnership. A preservation-minded solution is almost always preferable to litigation. It is over quicker, it is less expensive, and the customer relationships that were part of the partnership have a better chance of continuing to generate revenue.

Our firm is also busy at the other end of this process, helping individuals by constructing new partnership agreements that stand the test of time.

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