Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right for You?

Family Law

How a Prenuptial Agreement Can Help

Prenuptial agreements stir controversy in some circles. Some people think they are simply unromantic, a practical intrusion into the atmosphere of an impending marriage.

For many, however, prenups actually promote harmony, resolving a number of financial issues so the couple can focus on the joy of marriage free from nagging concerns.

Prenuptial agreements can fulfill a number of important legal and financial goals, including:

  • Defining and protecting separate property
  • Defining marital and nonmarital debt
  • Keeping a family business in the family
  • Establishing a framework for resolving future disputes
  • Protecting assets for a previous spouse or for children from another relationship
  • Setting out the terms of future spousal maintenance orders

For a prenup to truly protect your interests, it must be properly drafted and free from errors, ambiguities, unreasonable clauses, and other problems. Our lawyers know how to draft prenuptial agreements that perform the functions our clients need them to.

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