Parental Responsibilities


Navigating Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and Parenting Time Issues

When parents are going through a divorce, the most emotional issues by far are typically allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time, commonly known as child custody and visitation.

Although this issue is difficult, most parents start from the same place: love of their children. When the parents can agree to child custody and visitation arrangements that support both parents’ relationships with the children, the agreement tends to be positive.

At Johnson, Johnson, & Nolan, Attorneys at Law, we have been serving Belleville and the Illinois Metro-East region for five generations. With insight, compassion and patience, our attorneys will help you consider every option and negotiate a child custody agreement that is in your children’s best interest. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere where we can be creative and open with our clients and negotiate effectively for their interests and those of their children.

As part of our comprehensive divorce and family law services, we assist divorcing and divorced couples as well as unmarried parents with child custody and visitation issues. We will also handle any enforcement issues that may come up and help you with any necessary modifications to your child custody and parenting order in the future.

Negotiating Positive Child Custody and Visitation Agreements

Our lawyers understand that child custody encompasses many issues aside from where the children will primarily live and how much parenting time the other parent will have with them.

The agreement we help you develop will need to cover parental rights issues because both parents have decision-making authority in areas such as health care, education and religious upbringing. If disputes arise in these areas, it can be extremely helpful to have a process in place for resolving them outside of court.

We will also negotiate and draft parenting time schedules, taking into account your children’s needs and best interests. We believe in being comprehensive, and we want you to feel comfortable that everything — including how to handle minor disputes — is settled. Your parenting agreement will be incorporated into your final divorce decree or family court order.

We Are Here to Protect Your Parental Rights

Take the first step in resolving sensitive allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody) and parenting time (visitation) matters. Contact our experienced attorneys today online or by telephone at 618-277-3600.

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