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January 2013 Archives

Controversial adoption case to be heard by Supreme Court

When Illinois couples make the decision to adopt a child, they are not often familiar with all the legal procedures involved in the process. Indeed, many hire a family law attorney for just this reason, as legal assistance is often required to ensure that everything is done properly.

Paternity issues come into conflict with medical technology

As technology moves forward, the law must also evolve to match it. This rule applies to everything from self-driving cars to software piracy to environmental protection. It also applies to medical reproductive technology, where issues such as surrogacy, paternity and artificial insemination often come into conflict with current family law. This is apparently the situation for a family in Kansas, where a man is being asked to pay child support for a daughter that was conceived through a sperm donation.

Mother's search for missing son pays off 19 years later

As many parents going through a divorce in St. Clair County know, child custody issues are some of the most difficult and emotional parts of divorce. It is more than just spouses going their separate ways, but parents fighting to remain in their children's lives. In some situations, it is not just parents who are trying to get custody, but also grandparents. And, in some of the worst custody battles, one party will take the children and keep them from the other parent.

Illinois divorce: A basic primer

Divorce can be a complicated process, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the process. Spouses can simplify the separation greatly by familiarizing themselves with the basic principles before beginning the process. This week, then, we'll cover some of the basics of an Illinois divorce case.

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