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The importance of establishing paternity

There are many reasons for wanting to legally recognize the parentage of a child. If you are the father, and your child is born out of wedlock, you will need to establish paternity to have parental rights granted and enforced. This will enable you to build a relationship with your child. Similarly, if you are the mother, you can pursue the establishment of paternity in order to seek legal arrangements such as child support from your child’s father. In such cases, it can be helpful for you and your family to understand the different ways in which paternity is defined under Illinois state law, and how establishing paternity can factor into your unique situation.

Creating a custody and visitation agreement that works

We here at Johnson & Johnson understand that developing a personalized child custody and visitation agreement is one of the most important things that you and the other parent can do early on in the divorce process to help guarantee that your family adapts successfully to new routines and lifestyle changes. In order to draft a plan that is effective, it is important to take into consideration the needs of everyone involved. This includes work schedules, school schedules, activities, travel plans and even medical appointments.

How is paternity recognized under Illinois state law?

Often times, the parentage of a child never comes into question in the event that the child’s parents end their marriage. There are instances, however, when one or both parties raise questions and/or concerns over legal paternity. Paternity disputes in Illinois can be complex in nature; that’s why it’s important to understand how paternity is defined and determined under state law.

How is child custody and visitation determined in the state of Illinois?

Countless parents throughout the state of Illinois are confronted with serious family law issues and decisions every year. Child custody and visitation agreements can be especially complex and confusing for families, since many people do not fully understand the definition of some visitation and child custody terms or how they apply to real life cases.

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