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March 2014 Archives

The enemy of fair divorce litigation: social media

While most Belleville, Illinois, residents may be accustomed to using popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, there are instances when posting something as simple as a photo or status update is inadvisable. Social media is playing an increasing role in divorce litigation around the country, and can have serious consequences on the outcome of a case. Here are a few key points about the dangers of social media figuring into a divorce dispute.
When facing divorce litigation, it’s important to remember that many seemingly private factors can come in to play, like job applications, credit card statements, and social media accounts. And when it comes to anything posted online, nothing is sacred.

Understanding how higher education can factor into a divorce

Given that costs relating to higher education can reach astronomical heights, the investment of obtaining a degree or certificate should always be seriously considered in the light of whether or not it is affordable. Higher education expenses play a significant role in family finances in the state of Illinois and beyond, and are also known to be a major factor in many divorce cases. It’s for that reason that anyone facing the prospect of divorce should seek sound legal counsel to determine whether or not higher education bills incurred by the individual, their spouse or their child may be presented in their divorce settlement.

Future of company questioned in divorce

Even when couples do not own a home together or possess large amounts of assets in Illinois, the process of dividing property at the end of a marriage can be challenging. Often times, it can be difficult to determine which pieces of property were accumulated prior to the marriage, and whether or not anything was given or received as a gift. In one high-profile divorce case, questions were raised over whether or not the husband and stakeholder in his oil corporation may lose a large number of his company shares to property division.

Shifts in child custody practices

Just as the concept of the typical American family continues to evolve, so does the idea of the typical American divorce. While it was once assumed that it was in the best interests of the child to be placed with the mother after divorce, now more Illinois families and family law courts alike recognize that joint child custody is an option worth considering in most cases. One interesting side effect of the growing popularity of joint custody may be, however, that the number of single dads raising their kids is also on the rise.

The dangers of unlawful divorce services

Everyone has the right to sound legal counsel in the event they have difficulties in their lives. In fact, it’s always recommended that individuals facing issues like divorce and/or child custody disputes consult a reputable family law attorney for invaluable advice and feedback. Belleville, Illinois, residents must be wary of individuals and organizations promoting themselves as offering legal services because they may not actually be qualified to do so. One man was recently found guilty of unlawfully providing divorce services to a client, illustrating just how prevalent such illegal practices are across the country.

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