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September 2013 Archives

Child custody dispute leads to felony charges

In Illinois and beyond, family law issues that require any level of litigation are taken very seriously in court. Child custody arrangements and other similar types of cases are strictly enforced to ensure the best interests of the child are accounted for. As a result, either party’s attempt to mislead authorities or otherwise disregard court policies can lead to severe consequences. Such may be the case in one recent custody dispute now that it has escalated into serious charges filed against the mother.

Ex-husband and company refusing to child support obligations

Child support agreements and orders in a divorce settlement are often contentious and challenging portions of the entire divorce process. In the ideal world, once an agreement is reached, it is followed through with both parties complying. Unfortunately that does not always happen and sometimes one spouse needs to seek assistance in obtaining the child support or other payments owed to them by the other spouse. Sometimes this even leads to wage garnishments or other actions involving an employer.

Divorced parents urged to put cell phones away

Raising children involves many things. Money, love and patience are often some of the first things that come to the minds of Illinois parents. Time is yet another important thing that children need from parents and, in the ideal world that is quality time. Receiving a parent’s undivided attention is critical to optimal social and emotional development for a child.

Parents denied child custody, suspected in disappearance

When courts in places like Belleville, Illinois, and beyond, consider any kind of family law issue, the best interests of the child are taken into account. Divorce agreements and paternity disputes are known for leading to child custody issues; though, other major concerns like negligence can prompt legal action as well. One couple recently lost custody of two of their children because they are suspected of abuse and may be connected to the disappearance of their adopted daughter.

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