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October 2013 Archives

NFL player may be combating lies in child custody dispute

As difficult as it can be for individuals to come together to develop a child custody agreement that suits their needs while addressing the best interest of the child, countless people do it every day in Illinois and beyond. Sometimes, though, emotions and conflicting interests take over and cause major child custody issues. One professional football player is battling a public child custody dispute, since there is evidence that the mother of his child is making false accusations against him.

Child support payments may be affected by employment benefits

Illinois family court rulings, like other decisions made in courtrooms around the country, often reflect widely accepted standards and the unique factors of individual cases. For instance, the conditions used to determine child support payments may be fairly formulaic until a specific case calls into question other potential factors that may deserve consideration. One recent case may set precedence in courts across the nation, as the issue of what qualifies as personal income is explored.

Divorce dispute prompts spouse to leave the country

As Illinois couples build their lives together and excel in their careers, they often gain a degree of financial security and accumulate assets. Especially for married couples that have been together for years, the wealth they have at the end of their marriage may be considerably more than what they had at the beginning. Some divorce disputes stem from issues over dividing wealth between parties. One recent case illustrates how individuals can take extreme measures to avoid spousal support or property division by actually concealing assets and evading authorities.

Paternity does not influence ruling in one custody dispute

Many Illinois child custody and visitation disputes come down to determining who has legal rights to the child. And while determining paternity does play a role in many cases, a man’s biological link to a child does not automatically establish whether or not he has parental rights. Child custody laws can differ from state to state and approach issues like parental rights and paternity differently. A recent case in Michigan illustrates how established legislation influences individual court rulings, and sheds light on how fragile fathers’ rights can be in some instances.

Closure at last in high-profile child custody dispute

The ultimate goal of any family law court in Illinois and beyond is to resolve issues quickly and fairly. Child custody arrangements can be particularly sensitive in nature, and are therefore typically approached with care and thoroughness. However, some custody and visitation conflicts involve complex emotions and legal issues, taking years to resolve in some instances. One controversial case has finally come to an end, hopefully allowing both sides to move forward with their lives.

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