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May 2014 Archives

Same-sex divorce sets precedent in one state

Same-sex couples throughout the state of Illinois and across the country have been confronted with complex legal issues concerning the status of their relationships for years now, and despite the fact that same-sex marriage has been legalized in Illinois, many other states don’t currently acknowledge such unions. Interestingly, however, one state that refuses to grant gay marriage has recognized a same-sex divorce for the first time.

Ruling in one celebrity paternity dispute may set precedent

To this day the legal rights, or lack thereof, of biological fathers continue to be debated in cases involving sperm donors and in vitro fertilization. And while legal guidelines are in place in Illinois and other states across the country to address issues relating to paternity in such cases, their interpretation can have a significant impact on court rulings everywhere. One recent ruling to come from an appeals court may influence similar judgments in the future, since it allows for sperm donors to seek paternity rights in some cases.

Older Americans face unique divorce challenges and opportunities

As couples age together, they share new experiences and difficulties. From raising a family to losing loved ones to gaining and losing employment, married couples throughout Illinois are confronted with an array of challenges and happy moments. And as a couple’s shared experiences accumulate, their individual and collective perspective also tends to shift. Perhaps that is why divorce between older couples often plays out differently than others.

The truth about property division

A couple can accumulate a substantial portfolio of assets during the course of a marriage, which must be valued and divided upon the marriage’s end. And while the property division process can be fairly straightforward in many cases, countless couples across the state of Illinois and beyond are confronted with serious issues over the fair division of assets. Here are a few factors and suggestions individuals should keep in mind as they approach their divorce to ensure that it is not only equal but fair too.

Social media and divorce

People all throughout Belleville, Illinois, and beyond rely on social media outlets to communicate and share content on both a personal and professional level. Not only do social media websites like Facebook and Twitter make it possible for families and friends to keep in touch but they also provide a way for strangers to connect. Given that such websites and online tools have been incorporated into so many lives and lifestyles, it only makes sense that they would also play a role in personal relationships. One recent study exploring the possible correlation between social media use and relationship issues like divorce contributes to the ever-expanding compensation of modern life and relationships in this country.

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