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Fighting for the parental rights of our clients

While divorce is never easy, splitting up with a spouse can be especially hard for parents who are unable to spend enough time with their children (or even see them at all). At Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys at Law, our firm is committed to helping our clients who are going through this in Belleville, and other parts of Illinois. If you are dealing with child custody or visitation issues and are unsure of your parental rights, figuring out the best approach right away is very important.

What takes place at child support hearings?

From child custody to visitation and providing children with the financial support they depend on, parents often have many legal matters to address after separating from their spouse or partner. However, child support can be especially complicated and emotionally draining, which is why parents who are dealing with any child support issues must be prepared. In Belleville, and across Illinois, parents who have court summons over child support may benefit from understanding what actually takes place at a child support hearing.

Looking at the presumption of paternity in Illinois

When it comes to paternity, there are a number of issues that affect fathers as well as their children. The establishment of paternity may affect an individual's visitation rights or the financial well-being of a child. In Belleville, Illinois, and across the nation, there are a number of different ways that paternity is established, such as DNA testing or the signing of an acknowledgement of paternity form. Sometimes, paternity is automatically presumed and it is important for some fathers, mothers and children to understand how the presumption of paternity may have an impact on them.

Helping clients who seek child visitation

For those who are unable to spend time with a child they love, the emotional pain they experience can be very difficult. Whether a non-custodial parent is unable to visit his or her child after a divorce or a grandparent cannot see his or her grandchild, people in different types of situations seek child visitation. In fact, great-grandparents and siblings may be able to secure the right to visit a child. At Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys at Law, we are committed to helping our clients who are pursuing visitation rights in Belleville, and other parts of Illinois.

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