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One child custody dispute crosses miles and three countries

Many Illinois families that have dealt with it personally may agree that divorce is never easy. Especially when children are involved, child custody issues and other disputes can be very difficult for parents and their kids. However, these types of situations can be compounded even further by some unique circumstances. One international custody dispute illustrates just how complicated such family law conflicts can get.

Making divorce work for your family

When a marriage ends, there is often a profound sense of loss felt by both partners. Emotions can be high and conflicted as couples face the prospect of legal and personal independence. And for Illinois families with children the transition may be especially difficult. Fortunately though, divorce can actually have a very positive impact on children and parents alike if steps are taken to reinforce family values and relationships. Here are a few concepts newly divorced parents should keep in mind to help them and their kids learn and grow from divorce.

Marriage equality could change divorce law for everyone

When a married couple comes to the conclusion that it is time to end their relationship, there are a number of legal arrangements that can be made to ensure that financial obligations are met and family members are accounted for. It is for that reason that Illinois divorce litigation typically addresses issues like alimony and child custody agreements. However, countless nontraditional relationships throughout the country are not currently recognized under the law and therefore cannot be legally undone either.

New legislation inspired by real child support case

Illinois family law legislation is intended to, among other things, protect children while upholding the rights of both parents. Policies regarding issues like child support are in place to help guarantee that mothers and fathers meet their responsibilities as parents, providing for the financial needs of their kids. And while thousands of child support agreements are settled upon each year, there are instances where such arrangements should be reconsidered or even dissolved. In fact, one fairly unique case involving paternity and child support issues has prompted the state of Illinois to consider enacting new legislation.

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