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Child custody dispute leads to felony charges

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | Child Custody |

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In Illinois and beyond, family law issues that require any level of litigation are taken very seriously in court. Child custody arrangements and other similar types of cases are strictly enforced to ensure the best interests of the child are accounted for. As a result, either party’s attempt to mislead authorities or otherwise disregard court policies can lead to severe consequences. Such may be the case in one recent custody dispute now that it has escalated into serious charges filed against the mother.

The Texas case involves a man that has custody of his daughter once more, now that she has been returned to him after an investigation into her whereabouts. The district attorney in the area has the case now, and authorities note that the incident in question followed an extended period of issues between the child’s parents. They claim that a judge awarded sole custody of the 11-year-old girl to her father in early summer. The child’s mother had visitation rights to her over the summer, but allegedly disobeyed the judge’s ruling by failing to return her daughter to her father after a visit.

Authorities allegedly had a difficult time locating the child at the time because the woman falsified her contact information during her divorce proceedings. The district attorney ultimately issued an arrest warrant and further investigation led to the location of the woman and child.

For her alleged role in eluding authorities and breaking the legal custody agreement, the woman now faces felony charges. Prosecutors add that this type of case is unique for them.

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