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Making the case for legal counsel when establishing child support

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2014 | Child Support |

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Most people may assume that legal issues that arise during divorce are primarily a result of conflicts of interest between two parties. And while that may be the case in a large number of Illinois divorces every year, there are also plenty of instances where a simple lack of quality legal representation results in serious complications for divorcing couples. One real-life example of the severity of problems that can arise from not seeking legal representation can be seen in a case involving a man accused of not making required child support payments to his ex.

Many couples are capable of and eager to make important decisions regarding everything from visitation rights to child support payments on their own. And while the Illinois family law system doesn’t discourage divorcing parties from settling their legal affairs outside of the courtroom, it’s very important that individuals have the professional feedback and advice necessary to make the best decisions for them and their families.

When filing for divorce in the summer of 2013, one Ohio couple thought that they could save time and money by coming to a child support agreement on their own before the issue ever came up in court. As a result, the husband began making child support payments directly to his wife according to a plan they both agreed upon.

Even though the man’s now ex-wife attests to the fact that he never missed a payment, the terms of their divorce decree prohibited the money transfers made by the man from being considered legitimate child support payments. Consequently, the court system pursued him for thousands of dollars in supposedly due child support payments.

Fortunately, there are legal routes to resolve such issues. However, starting off with high-quality legal representation can ensure that these types of issues never come up.

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