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Law enforcement officials arrest 81 over unpaid child support

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2015 | Child Support |

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For parents who aren’t receiving the child support payments they are entitled to, everyday expenses and other financial needs can make daily life quite tricky. However, life can become particularly difficult for those who fail to pay child support. In Belleville, Illinois, and throughout the United States, failure to fulfill child support obligations can lead to jail time and financial penalties.

Law enforcement officials in Michigan recently took 81 people into custody because of their alleged failure to pay child support. An additional 37 people who had a warrant issued for their arrest over unpaid child support turned themselves in. Those who were apprehended and those who turned themselves in owed more than $2.8 million in child support, according to authorities.

Although a number of people were taken into custody as a result of the sweep, over 3,300 people in Macomb County still have an outstanding arrest warrant because of unpaid child support. Some of the individuals who were arrested spent time behind bars, while others posted bond and are scheduled to appear before a judge.

Whether you aren’t receiving the child support you need or are no longer able to pay child support, it is imperative to find a solution as soon as possible. Although child support matters can seem stressful, many people are able to enjoy peace of mind when they put these issues behind them. For some, talking about their situation with a knowledgeable legal professional is an excellent decision that may help them finally move forward.

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