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Providing solutions to those struggling with child support

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2015 | Child Support |

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Divorce often brings a number of legal issues that Americans have to face, such as the division of property and alimony. However, child support can be particularly stressful and it is vital for people in Belleville and across the state of Illinois to handle child support matters correctly. At Johnson & Johnson Attorneys at Law, we are committed to offering support to people who are dealing with various types of child support-related problems.

For parents who are required to pay child support, there are a number of reasons why making monthly payments on time can be difficult. From unemployment to unanticipated financial setbacks, there are times when people may be unable to take care of their child support obligations. If you are going through this, you may want to look into child support modification. Also, it is pivotal to keep in mind that failure to pay child support can have damaging consequences, including jail and financial penalties.

As a result, people who are preparing to separate from their spouse should make sure they approach child support properly. Important considerations include understanding how someone could be affected by the child support laws in their state and putting together a child support formula that will work out well for both parties.

Fortunately, many people have been able to overcome their child support complications by taking the right steps and have achieved a successful outcome for everyone involved. If you take a look at our firm’s divorce page, you can read more on various types of family law legal matters.



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