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Assisting parents with child support modification

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2015 | Child Support |

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For parents who are having difficulty paying the child support they owe, the consequences can be very serious. After all, unpaid child support can lead to arrest, imprisonment and stiff financial penalties. At Johnson & Johnson, we have a great deal of experience helping clients who are in this position and reach out to parents struggling with child support matters in Belleville, and other parts of Illinois. If you are facing problems related to child support payments, it is absolutely essential to review the details of your case and address them as soon as you can.

There are many reasons why parents make the decision to modify their child support order. Some find themselves in a tough financial situation due to the loss of a job, while others pursue modification because a child’s needs have changed or they have suffered a debilitating injury. If you need to modify your child support order, it is very important to carefully assess all of the details surrounding your set of circumstances and take the right approach.

Parents who are dealing with child support matters and need legal assistance deserve an attorney who is committed to providing their clients with first-rate service. After all, child support orders can have a significant impact on both parents and children and taking the right steps forward is paramount. If you visit our page on the modification of child support orders, you can look over additional information that may be helpful for parents who are going through this firsthand or have other divorce-related concerns.



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