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Divorce and parental relocation

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2016 | Divorce |

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According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, there were more than 33,000 annulments and divorces in the state over the course of 2011. For many couples in Belleville, and other parts of Illinois, filing for divorce is necessary. However, married couples who have children should understand how divorce may affect them. For example, parents who have separated from their spouse may have to deal with legal issues regarding parental relocation.

On the Illinois General Assembly’s site, helpful information concerning parental relocation is provided. For example, there are a number of factors that courts take into consideration when a parent who has custody of a minor child asks to relocate over 100 miles with the child. When deciding whether to approve a relocation petition, courts will take a look at the distance a parent wishes to relocate as well as their motives. Courts will also evaluate the motives of the non-custodial parent along with their visitation rights. Furthermore, courts will review how the move would affect the non-custodial parent’s ability to visit his or her child and the feasibility of setting up a practical visitation schedule. Other factors include the costs associated with visitation, the potential impact moving may have on a child and any clear intents from either parent in written agreements.

Before moving with a child, custodial parents should ensure that they have satisfied every requirement. For example, custodial parents will need to provide certain types of information to the court, such as the date they plan on moving. Parents who do not support the relocation of a child can also file an objection.



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